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ENCCS Highlights 2023

Thor Wikfeldt & Apostolos Vasileiadis ENCCS

The ENCCS team is excited to share some achievements from the first year of our second project phase (2023-2025). As a dynamic partnership between RISE and Linköping University, ENCCS has grown to a team of ten poised to tackle any industrial high-performance computing (HPC) project, organise and deliver interactive training events in multiple domains, and reach out to emerging HPC user communities across industry, academia, and the public sector.

We continue our dedicated efforts assisting companies and public authorities to utilise supercomputing systems to enhance their R&D productivity and competitiveness. Collaborations with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – such as Nilar, which automates battery inspection using AI vision, and Compular, which develops cutting-edge analysis tools for molecular dynamics simulations – as well as publicly funded authorities, like SLB-Analys and SMHI, have demonstrated the transformative power of HPC in multiple sectors. Success stories from our industry and public sector partners can be found at .

The ENCCS team in Stockholm, June 2023

Training is another focus area for ENCCS. During 2023 we have organised 14 workshops and other events in collaboration with, among others, NVIDIA, AMD, NSC, RISE, TREX CoE and WACQT on topics including the effective usage of HPC software packages (like VASP and the CHAMP quantum Monte Carlo code), deep learning methods (like transformers, graph neural networks and scientific machine learning), GPU programming, HPC programming in Julia and Python, and quantum computing. Upcoming and past events can be found at , while training material from past events can be found at .

Beyond our individual endeavours as a national centre, ENCCS is also deeply committed to European collaboration through the EuroCC, CASTIEL and Centre of Excellence (CoE) networks, where we contribute to a shared pool of expertise and useful resources. This interconnectedness fosters a thriving ecosystem of HPC excellence across Europe.

In an exciting recent development, the new EuroHPC supercomputer, Arrhenius, is set to be installed at the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC). ENCCS will play a pivotal role in enabling companies and the public sector to harness the immense potential of this cutting-edge resource.

ENCCS director Thor Wikfeldt at the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) in Linköping with the rest of the team taking a tour of the machine room currently housing the Berzelius and Tetralith systems – and in coming years eventually Arrhenius.

ENCCS stands at the forefront of propelling businesses and institutions into a future powered by supercomputing. With collaboration, high expertise and effective education as guiding principles, we are committed to advancing the frontiers of HPC both nationally and across European borders.

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