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Nascent NAISS

Björn Alling, Director, NAISS, Linköping University

The work on building up the National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden (NAISS) continues. Representatives from NAISS and Linköping University (LiU) recently attended a hearing about our application from Sweden to host a mid-range EuroHPC system. If it is successful, the EU will fund 35% and Sweden 65% of the system. A decision from EuroHPC is anticipated in mid-June. In parallel, work to secure the full Swedish co-funding is ongoing. Having such a system in Sweden would strongly benefit researchers here from the start of 2025.

NAISS is building up a branch structure to provide user support (up to mid-level) and training through experts working across Sweden. Agreement texts are being prepared and negotiations with more than ten other universities are ongoing. In this context, it is important to stress that NAISS has a responsibility to build a unified support organisation for the benefit of all our users – regardless of their field of research or where in Sweden they work. So determining an appropriate structure and approach for the branch organisation within NAISS is a complex puzzle that needs to be solved optimally. We hope that many of you who work within high-performance computing (HPC) and related fields want to be a part of NAISS and contribute to building for the future of HPC in Sweden. 

The work on creating the contents and functionality of the NAISS website is well underway with the launch of the full version expected before midsummer. Currently, an early version with the most crucial information is available online at . NAISS newsletters and the minutes from the steering committee meetings can be found at  and , respectively. 

The right ways for researchers to now acknowledge NAISS (and previously SNIC) resources are available at .