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LUMI Inauguration & Applying to Use LUMI

Peter Larsson & Dirk Pleiter, PDC

The LUMI pan-European pre-exascale system was inaugurated on the 13th of June 2022 and is expected to reach full capacity with all hardware in place in the autumn. The supercomputer is located at the CSC – IT Center for Science in Kajaani, Finland, and is funded jointly by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) and the LUMI consortium countries (which include Sweden).

LUMI is an HPE Cray EX supercomputer with several partitions: a large graphics processing unit (GPU) partition, a smaller partition that only contains CPUs, plus an auxiliary partition for data analytics with large memory nodes and some GPUs for data visualisation. Half of these LUMI resources belong to the LUMI consortium countries and are divided up based on the member countries’ contributions to the funding. The resources in this pool are allocated through national organisations. The Swedish Research Council (VR) has contributed around 3.5% of the funding for LUMI so a corresponding share of the system is reserved for Swedish research. The other half of the LUMI resources constitute a EuroHPC quota which is available to researchers from all over Europe with the allocations being determined by the EuroHPC JU.

Researchers who are affiliated with an academic research organisation in Sweden may apply to use LUMI through the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC). Companies that are established or located in Sweden may also be able to buy compute time on LUMI by contacting SNIC directly. The SNIC allocation rounds for academic research on LUMI are open for proposals for a limited time twice each year. Applications can be put in through the SNIC User and Project Repository for (SUPR) at . The next SNIC round for LUMI will open in the autumn and close in December.

Swedish researchers have a second avenue for applying to use LUMI as researchers from academic institutes and companies established or located in an EU member state or in a country associated with Horizon 2020 can apply to use LUMI through the EuroHPC JU Call for Proposals for Regular Access Mode (see ). The next EuroHPC JU call closes on the 1st of July 2022, with the following call closing on the 7th of October.