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PDC Pub and Open House

Thor Wikfeldt, PDC

PDC-SeRC seminar, 8 May 2019

On the 8th of May, PDC held its annual Pub and Open House, where current and prospective PDC users are invited to visit PDC, take a guided tour of the computer rooms hosting Beskow and Tegner, and interact with PDC staff over drinks and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere. This year the Pub was preceded by an interesting PDC-SeRC seminar given by Prof. Stefano Markidis on current developments, challenges and future prospects for exascale computing — a topical subject given that China, USA, Japan and Europe all have ambitions to deliver an exascale computing system in the near future. The seminar was well attended and was followed by an opening and welcome to the Pub given by our director, Erwin Laure. Guided tours of the computer rooms were given by the deputy director, Gert Svensson, who has been around since the early days of PDC and has a wealth of interesting information to share. Although the number of people attending the Pub was not as large as we have sometimes seen in previous years, it was clear that those attending enjoyed the event. And it wasn’t all just jovial small talk: some complicated usage issues that were brought up by researchers attending the Pub were discussed at length and solved during the Pub!

PDC Pub, 8 May 2019