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PDC-SeRC Seminar Series

Thor Wikfeldt, PDC

In the autumn last year, PDC and the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) started a new series of inspiring seminars about cutting-edge current e-Science research. The seminars are held roughly once per month (in the SeRC Open Space at PDC) at lunchtime. A light lunch with hot drinks is offered to attendees, which creates a convivial atmosphere where people are welcome to ask questions and discuss the research.

The seminar series continued during the first half of 2018 with a further five seminars:

  • “Spectroscopy of molecules in their biological environment”, by Prof. Mathieu Linares, associate professor in the Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology at KTH (24 January),
  • “GUI frameworks for fusion codes SOLPS-ITER and SMITER” by Dr. Leon Kos, researcher at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (14 February),
  • “Scalable simulation of cortical associative memory” by Dr. Anders Lansner, professor at the Department of Computational Science and Technology, KTH, and also at Stockholm University (15 March),
  • “Parallelization strategies in GROMACS”, Berk Hess, project leader for GROMACS development at KTH (25 April), and
  • “Software Development for Quantum Molecular Modelling on PDC Cluster Resources” by Patrick Norman, Head of Department and professor at the Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Biology at KTH (16 May).

The seminar series has been well received by people in the e-Science research communities, and consequently PDC, together with SeRC, plans to continue with these monthly seminars after the summer break: inviting outstanding researchers from various disciplines to present exciting results from the forefront of their research fields. The seminars are growing into an established tradition in Swedish e-Science and contribute to inter-disciplinary discussions and cross-fertilization of ideas.

We invite you to attend the seminars when they start again in September 2018. All the seminars will be advertised on the PDC website and through SeRC mailing lists, but if you would like to receive personal email announcements, please contact Thor Wikfeldt, who organizes the seminars at PDC. Finally, we also welcome volunteer speakers, so please get in touch with Thor if you are interested in giving a PDC-SeRC seminar!