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Escalating Exascale

Stephano Markidis, CST

September 2018 is an important crossover point for European exascale projects at PDC. Three existing projects – SAGE, INTERTWinE and AllScale – will hand over their exascale research to three new projects: EPiGRAM-HS, Sage2 and VESTEC. EPiGRAM-HS and Sage2 will build upon the work of two existing projects that PDC has contributed to (EPiGRAM and SAGE). PDC will lead the EPiGRAM-HS (Exascale Programming Model for Heterogeneous systems) project. As in the first EPiGRAM project, the research topic will be the design and development of programming interfaces, in particular MPI and GASPI, towards exascale. However, the new EPiGRAM-HS project specifically targets distributed systems that are heterogeneous (both in terms of their compute and memory capacity). Sage2 will continue the work started in SAGE, still focusing on object storage technologies and data-centric computing. While EPiGRAM-HS and Sage2 build on previous work, VESTEC is a new exascale project for the visualization and analysis of large data volumes on exascale supercomputers. All three projects will start with kick-off meetings in September 2018; stay tuned for further details!