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Learning How to Use the PDC Systems

Cristian Cira, PDC

The Introduction to PDC Systems course that was held on the 13th of September 2016 at PDC brought together 20 supercomputer users from various scientific backgrounds (most of whom were postdoctoral researchers, assistant professors or professors) for a three-hour course that covered an overview of the PDC computer systems. The course focused on describing the hardware of PDC’s systems, along with PDC’s programming environments (including the running and queuing policies). Participants were also given comprehensive information about the size of Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) time allocations and a brief description of the application process. The main goal of the course was to give attendees a good grasp of the workflow and requirements when it comes to using PDC facilities. The course ended with a tour of the PDC machine room where each of the researchers was given the opportunity to walk around Scandinavia's fastest academic supercomputer.

Introduction to PDC Systems course, 13 September 2016