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Working at PDC

PDC employs researchers, systems administrators and students who have experience using or running high performance computing systems for research and who can communicate in English.

Why work at PDC?

If you are interested in high performance computing, and particularly in combining one or more of the natural sciences or engineering fields with computationally intensive simulation and modelling, then PDC may be just the place for you. We have one of the fastest supercomputers for academic research in the Nordic countries and our mission is to help other people to do their research more effectively on our supercomputing and storage resources.

Many of our jobs are more geared towards people who prefer to focus on assisting other people in their research and not so much on doing research themselves. However a research background is highly appreciated (and is required in some positions), and staff are encouraged to do some research so as to keep up with the developments in their area of expertise and to collaborate with other researchers in their field.

If you like tinkering with large Linux clusters, then we also have jobs that centre around installing and maintaining our systems so they run without interruption.

Advantages of PDC's location

  • based at the dynamic KTH main campus which is renowned for top-notch technical research
  • close to the Karolinska Institute (KI) and Stockholm University (SU), both of which collaborate with PDC
  • close to the centre of Stockholm
  • easily accessible by public transport (about a 5-minute walk from Tekniska högskolan bus/metro station and Stockholms Östra train station)
  • right next to the beautiful Royal National City Park (so you can take lunch time walks in the forest even though you are in the middle of a city)

What do you need in order to work at PDC

In-depth experience of HPC

  • can be in terms of research using high performance computing systems
  • can be experience installing, running and maintaining HPC systems and/or data storage

What language is needed to work at PDC?

  • As long as you speak English reasonably well, there is no need to speak Swedish to be employed at PDC.
  • Many of our staff members at PDC are from abroad and employees at PDC are offered opportunities to attend Swedish courses if they would like to learn Swedish.
  • Most people in Stockholm speak English so you can live in Stockholm without needing to know any Swedish in order to manage daily living. If you have children, there are a range of schools in Stockholm where the teaching is based on languages other than Swedish (such as English, French and German).

What qualities/characteristics does PDC look for?

In terms of general characteristics, PDC is looking for people who

  • can work comfortably using English,
  • have a good senses of humour,
  • are responsible and self-motivated, and
  • enjoy a flexible workplace.
KTH courtyard, KTH main campus, Stockholm