General information about OpenFOAM

How to use OpenFOAM on PDC machines

OpenFOAM is a free, open source CFD software package. See also and

To see which versions of OpenFOAM are installed on any of the machines at PDC log into the machine and type

module avail openfoam

As the current versions of OpenFOAM are very easily to generate massive small files, you mast consider questions before running OpenFOAM such as:

  • How often do you save your solution?

  • What trace/history of your iterations do you write to file(s)?

To control this behavior you need to modify the corresponding parameters in system/controlDict

writeControl    timeStep;
writeInterval   10000;

i.e. specify the number of timeStep for writeInterval as large as possible.

Moreover, setting writeCompression to compressed would really do a damper on the /cfs/klemming file system. We already know that if someone set runTimeModifiable to yes that will have an adverse effect on performance since OpenFOAM then will check a lot of files at every single iteration. As a result, you should adapt the simulations to the system by tweaking the following parameters:

writeCompression                    uncompressed;
runTimeModifiable                   no;

It is highly recommended that you run OpenFoam on your project directory to avoid any disk quota problems

See for more information about the project directory


PDC takes no responsibility for the correctness of results produced with the binaries. Always evaluate the binaries against known results for the systems and properties you are investigating before using the binaries for production jobs.

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