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PDC Systems Course

Xin Li, PDC

With the biannual course “Introduction to PDC Systems”, we introduce PDC’s high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure to new users. In this course, we start with an overview of the HPC infrastructure at PDC and then cover basic topics such as getting an account, logging in, running jobs, storing data, and compiling code. In addition, we also cover practical topics, including Bash Shell, SLURM job script, ThinLinc remote desktop, Singularity, Matlab and the Python virtual environment. This year the course also includes a tutorial on using the new graphics processing unit (GPU) partition of the Dardel system.

The first introductory course for 2023 was held online on the 13th and 14th of April. Thirty participants registered for the course. During the course, we walked through the slides (available at ) and guided the participants with hands-on exercises for common procedures and useful commands on Dardel. Participants also practised compiling code and running jobs to deepen their understanding of how to use the Dardel system efficiently.

We aim to continue the introductory course in autumn 2023 and will do our best to help new users become comfortable and productive with working in the HPC environment at PDC. For information about the next course and other training events run by (or in collaboration with) PDC, you can sign up for the PDC general announcements mailing list , check on the PDC Events web page  or follow PDC on Facebook at .

One of the course slides on using Dardel GPU nodes