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The SeRC Open Space

A New Way of Interacting with PDC's Experts
Erwin Laure, PDC

During the past months several offices on the 5th floor of Teknikringen 14 (where PDC is based) have undergone a metamorphosis from standard PDC offices to an open space for informal interactions between researchers and PDC experts. The impetus for the Swedish e-Science Research Center (SeRC) Open Space has been driven by the original SeRC idea of bringing researchers from various scientfic domains, computer scientists, and high performance computing (HPC) practitioners closer together; this space is the first step to providing an inspiring meeting place for such interactions.

The first major users of the space will be the researchers involved in the SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative  (SESSI) who will hold regular meetings there. But all PDC users are welcome to use the SeRC Open Space: desks will be available if you would like to bring your laptop over and work there, or grab a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen and chat about your work with our experts – so just drop in. Further information about scheduling meetings and the availability of PDC application experts and advisors will be issued soon.

Over the coming months we will also start open discussions on specific topics of interest to the PDC user community – these will be held in the SeRC Open Space and you are all welcome to attend. Again, further details about these events will be available shortly.

We look forward to you passing by and help making this space a vibrant new environment for Swedish HPC.