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Training at ENCCS

Thor Wikfeldt, ENCCS

Immediately after the establishment of the EuroCC National Competence Centre Sweden (ENCCS) in September last year, the ENCCS team started drafting an ambitious plan for delivering training events on current topics in high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analytics (HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI). ENCCS’ raison d’être is to develop competence and knowledge in Swedish public sector organizations, industry and academia, and to enable researchers to take advantage of forthcoming (pre-)exascale EuroHPC resources as well as modern AI methodologies. 

We are now happy to report that over 500 people have signed up to our training workshops and events so far, and that number is rising quickly as we are now delivering multiple events every month. In part, this is made possible by a number of excellent collaborations that have been established with external training providers, including CSC, different Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) centres, RISE, CodeRefinery, HiDALGO, NVIDIA, and Intel, amongst others. If you would like to browse through training material from earlier events, please visit  where you will find links to public resources that, in most cases, are also suitable for self-learning at your own pace!

To be sure to catch any future events that could be of interest to you, you can visit our events calendar at , subscribe to our newsletter ( ) or follow the project on Twitter ( ).

Some of the topics in the ENCCS training resources