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Introducing the PDC Blog

Xin Li, PDC

Published Sep 18, 2018

We are blogging! The PDC blog is now online at . It will feature blog posts focusing on technical topics to help you to use PDC’s resources more easily. For example, you can expect to find tips on making better use of high performance computing (HPC) systems, optimizing workflows, and writing efficient code.

The topics we are planning to blog about can be roughly grouped into five categories:

  1. job scheduling with SLURM,
  2. environment management via Docker, Singularity and Anaconda, amongst others,
  3. best practices for using common software and tools, including GROMACS and VASP,
  4. benchmarks of software and scientific codes, and
  5. parallelization and performance tuning.

The PDC Blog will provide all of you who use PDC’s resources in your research with an easily accessible collection of useful tips. Thus the PDC blog will serve as a complement to our PDC Support webpages, giving you additional support in your research. At the moment there are two published posts, “Getting Started with SLURM”  and “Skip the configuration, get to the cluster: Docker way” . You are welcome to subscribe to our blog to take advantage of these tips (with more to come soon)!