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Website Update

Gert Svensson, PDC

The PDC web site has been totally re-implemented over the summer and autumn. In the process, all the pages have been reviewed and updated. In particular, many of the support pages have been rewritten from scratch.

The website is now mainly based on the Polopoly framework that is used by the rest of KTH. This has several advantages - it means our pages now have a modern design with the same look and feel as the rest of the KTH web pages. A plus is that we can now easily share content and events with other KTH sections and departments.

As a matter of interest, the support section (that is, the technical documentation) is maintained in the Sphinx framework and imported into the KTH Polopoly system. (You may notice that the formatting of the Support pages is slightly different from the other pages on the updated website.)

Working with a website is an ongoing process, so if you have any comments or suggestions for improvements to the updated pages, please send them to .