2000-12-21 at 19:59
During the Christmas holidays the PDC helpdesk is closed from 2000-12-22 15:00 to 2001-01-08 10:00.
2000-12-19 at 10:08
Selma halted, system rebooted and all queues restarted
2000-12-19 at 07:46
Selma is experiencing problems. Investigation in progress.
2000-12-01 at 18:46 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg/Nighthawk: New hardware problems. Reduced capacity of filesystems over the weekend.
2000-11-29 at 11:15 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg/Nighthawk: hardware failures.
2000-11-20 at 10:28
Kallsup : The machine will be brought down for repairs during the day.
2000-11-17 at 10:29
Kallsup : Hardware problems, we will have to reboot the machine again.
2000-11-16 at 13:06
Kallsup : Reboot complete, queues restarted.
2000-11-16 at 12:36
Kallsup: Unscheduled system halt. Recovery work in progress. This will take a few hours.
2000-11-14 at 03:08
Easy is down since a couple of hours, but since this shouldn't affect running jobs, fixing it will have to wait till tomorrow.
2000-11-07 at 17:14
General: sherman is back in operation.
2000-11-01 at 09:59
General: cooling systems maintenance today. Systems will eventually be shut down to decrease cooling needs.
2000-10-27 at 13:35 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: Nighthawk log in; still hardware problems. Next hardware maintenance scheduled Monday October 30th, 2000.
2000-10-27 at 08:33
Nighthawk: Hardware problems with some of the nodes resulting in sudden stops.
2000-10-27 at 08:33
Selma: No network connection. Investigation what cable might be broken are in progress.
2000-10-26 at 17:52
Sherman: sherman (also used as aix/pssp documentation server) will be unavailable during system software upgrade.
2000-10-26 at 09:27
Due to important CAVE demo, boye will be unavailable from 09.00-15.00 at Thursday 26/10.
2000-10-23 at 08:14
ratatosk will be down for a while
2000-10-20 at 20:44 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg:The nighthawk interactive node has hardware problems.Consider it unavailable until Monday, 2000-10-23.
2000-10-10 at 13:50
Boye: Parts of the machine is down due to hardware problems. This includes /projects and /scratch, 4 CPUs and some memory.
2000-10-04 at 18:40 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: software maintenance finished. batch lines enabled.
2000-09-28 at 11:18
General: due to emergency cooling problems we will shut down parts of the pdc shop over the day. Parts of of systems will be unaccessible.
2000-08-30 at 11:00 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: software maintenance on all nodes, including the log in ones, may disrupt your connections during the afternoon.
2000-08-29 at 11:11 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg/Nighthawk: maintenance service on the interactive node (nf01n01) starting 2000-08-29 at 14:00. Estimated downtime around one hour.
2000-08-29 at 07:59
Mail server problem fixed.
2000-08-29 at 07:38
Investigating possible mail server or network problem.
2000-08-23 at 10:43 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg/Nighthawk: installation of new firmware to prevent unexpected system faults.
2000-08-21 at 08:57
Network: Routing problems beetween 0800 and 0845 resolved.
2000-08-16 at 17:54
boye down 2000-08-16 17.30 to 2000-08-17 10.00 due to power maintenace
2000-08-16 at 07:53
One AFS fileserver is down since midnight. Work is in progress.
2000-08-04 at 14:00 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: draining queues to be able to fsck gpfs, which will become unavailable during fsck.
2000-07-24 at 14:04 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: /gpfs/scratch, filesystem was temporarily locked. reason unknown.
2000-07-20 at 14:03 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: Reboot to activate new software.
2000-07-19 at 13:37 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg, except Nighthawks: Upgrade of gpfs software scheduled tomorrow 2000-07-20 starting at 13:00. The filesystem will be unaccessible. Processes using it killed.
2000-07-18 at 10:23
General: due to work with the cooling systems we will reduce the amount of active hardware during the day.
2000-06-26 at 17:33
The license server will be brought down for maintenance for about an hour.
2000-06-25 at 09:41
Kallsup has crashed
2000-06-21 at 20:53
Scheduler problem resolved and scheduling resumed. Some jobs were lost and will of course not be charged.
2000-06-21 at 20:00 [xxx (strindberg)]
Problem with jobs on strindberg Scheduler halted temporarily
2000-06-21 at 19:12
One AFS server crashed. The system is now (19:35) up again
2000-06-07 at 11:22
Emegrency power off. Restart in progress.
2000-05-05 at 12:00
General: one license server is down due to hardware faults.
2000-04-25 at 18:00 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: gpfs and scheduler resumed.
2000-04-25 at 17:30 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: gpfs/scratch fsck in progress. Please inform sp2-staff if you wish to have broken files restored from backup.
2000-04-25 at 16:00 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: restart of gpfs will happen between 17:00 and 19:00.
2000-04-19 at 11:00
Selma: The VX will be down for planned maintainance from 11:00 to 17:00.
2000-04-15 at 10:07 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: investigating gpfs problems. Scheduler stopped.
2000-03-13 at 20:45 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg login node is down, work is in progress.
2000-03-13 at 11:45
Kallsup/HSM is down for service. Up again in a few hours.
2000-03-10 at 17:45
Kallsup/HSM crashed yet again. Rebooting in progress, but the chance of this happening again before the repairs on Monday is non-negligible.
2000-03-10 at 13:45
Kallsup/HSM will be brought down for repairs on Monday 13/3.
2000-03-09 at 12:00
Kallsup/HSM up again after I/O problems.
2000-03-09 at 09:43
Kallsup problems under investigation. Login in hangs.
2000-03-07 at 11:54
Kallsup/HSM up and running again.
2000-03-07 at 09:28
Kallsup/HSM stopped (again). Investigation in progress.
2000-03-01 at 09:00 - 12:00
Reduced DMF (HSM) capabilities because of tape drive service.
2000-02-29 at 14:24
Kallsup stopped suddenly. Investigation in progress.
2000-02-28 since morning
Our AFS filesystem is working well but NADA's is not. So if your are experiencing file system problems, you depend probably on NADA's AFS cell and you should talk to them and not to us.
2000-02-23 at 12:30 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: LoadL refresh, please report job start problems to sp2-staff.
2000-02-10 at 20:30 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: probable power supply failure. Investigation initiated.
2000-02-01 at 14:40
Kallsup/HSM: Rebooting due to a hardware error.
2000-01-26 at 17:45 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: Back up and running after lot's of problems.
2000-01-26 at 09:00 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: Down with hardware problems relating to yesterdays cooling problems. Being worked on.
2000-01-25 at 22:20
Kallsup/HSM: Back up after cooling problem hopefully resolved. Work in progress on the SP.
2000-01-25 at 19:10
Everything stopped because of a cooling problem. We will bring the different systems back on-line as we get the situation under control.
2000-01-13 at 12:30 [xxx (strindberg)]
Strindberg: switch and or gpfs problem.
2000-01-12 at 15:15
Kallsup/HSM: Back up again.
2000-01-12 at 14:15
Kallsup/HSM: Kallsup hung, dumping in progress.
2000-01-02 at 16:15
Kallsup/HSM: Kallsup is back up again.
2000-01-02 at 09:45
Kallsup/HSM: kallsup is having disk/io-problem. it will be shut down.
2000-01-01 at 00:00
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