My name is Roman Iakymchuk. I am Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Sorbonne University, France and HPC Researcher at Fraunhofer ITWM, Germany. At Sorbonne, I am working on robust (reliable, accurate, and reproducible) and energy-efficient numerical solvers, while at Fraunhofer my duties are more focused on taskifying and enhancing communication of industrial codes as well as on eventually consistent collectives in the EU H2020 EPEEC project. Hence, I would like to invite you to visit my up-to-date web-pages at Sorbonne and Fraunhofer

At KTH, Sweden I worked as Post-doc and then Researcher on two EU H2020 projects, namely AllScale and INTERTWinE. I served as a work package leader on both and enabled taskificification of the simplified iPIC3D code under AllScale. I have also contributed to the development of collectives using Gaspi and the concept of shared notifications (promoting node local communication) that resulted in 2x-4x performance benefits compared to the MPI alternatives.

Projects for Bachelor and Master theses are available. Please contact me directly.

Research Interests

  • High-performance scientific computing
  • Numerical linear algebra: mixed precision kernels and solvers
  • Computer arithmetic: numerical reproducibility and accuracy
  • Optimization: Nonlinear least squares problem

Curriculum Vitae

You may find a recent copy of my CV here.