The Verse plugin for 3ds Max

Plugin V0.3.2 (20060624):

There are two versions, with or without debuginformation: And some info files: Since the no-debug version is much faster you probably want to use that most of the time. If, or rather when, you find a bug it would be great if you manage to repeat it with the debug version and send the resulting debug logs to me along with a description of what didn't work. If you don't, just describe what you did and what happened. It creates two files called VerseGUPDebug.txt and VerseDLUDebug.txt and for me they end up in my Max installation directory.

How to use it

  1. Drop ONE of the plugins in your "plugins" directory of Max
  2. Use the Verse utility plugin from the Utility tab to connect. Enter the hostname or address and a username and press "Connect".
  3. Watch all objects on the server appear in Max! Note that the plugin considers proper objects to be ObjectNode:s with a link called "geometry" to a GeometryNode. It ignores everything else. This means that if you created an object in LoqAirou you must create the rest in some other program, eg. "connector", before you see them in Max

What's working

Known bugs

Soon to come features (partially implemented)