Software expert and system manager at PDC-KTH

Operation & Support

I support users in the development of applications for scientific computing as well as to run their programs on our systems. This includes f.ex. questions around parallel programming and the scalable implementation of algorithms, performance optmizations and the use of GPU and Xeon Phi coprocessors.

I am the system manager of the GPU cluster Zorn. During the last years I managed also the clusters Ekman and Ferlin.


My research interests are focused to parallel computing. These include

Master Thesis Projects

Are you a master student and interested in parallel computing? We offer thesis projects in which you can depending on your interests either take part in the development of our adaptive runtime system or deal with the analysis and the improvement of scientific simulation applications, f.ex. in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Molecular Dynamics (MD), or Computational Chemistry.



Current Projects

Past Projects


For information about master thesis projects look in the research section of this page, please.


List of publications.


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Unsorted Notes

I write occasionally some unsorted and informal notes about technical issues that could be useful to keep.