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When you publish your work you might want to include an acknowledgment for your SNAC time allocation, or even to the PDC computational resources.

If you have been using a SNAC time allocation you might want to acknowledge this, since the SNAC committee will check this if you in the future apply for more computation time. The format of the acknowledgement has been standardized by SNAC,

For PDC the prefered text is

"The computations/simulations/[SIMILAR] were performed on resources
provided by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC)
at PDC Centre for High Performance Computing (PDC-HPC)

Or to acknowledge any technical help and so on you can use

NAME at PDC-HPC is acknowledged for assistance
concerning technical and implementational aspects [OR SIMILAR]
in making the code run on the PDC-HPC resources.


If you like to, and haven't had a SNAC time allocation (only a small or local CAC at PDC), you can add a reference to PDC, using the project title for your time allocation.