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Storage Application Form

Use this electronic form to apply for storage at PDC.

Personal information
Enter your personal information here.
Enter your given name, typically your first name.
Enter your family name, typically your last name
Enter your username at PDC.
Enter your e-mail address.
Enter the university and department for which you use PDC.
If you are uncertain about what a CAC is, read more here. If you don't belong to a time allocation, please describe the intended usage of the requested storage space.
characters remaining
Please note that if you want a volume larger than 50GB with backup, we will have to break it down into multiple volumes due to performance concerns.
Do you need backup?
Do you belong to SBC/CBR (Stockholm Bioinformatics Center/Center for Biomembrane Research)?
Please note, the maximum life time of your storage space is 12 months (with exception of SBC/CBR users).

When you no longer use your account, it's the responsibility of the host university of the Principal investigators (PI) to decide what can be done with your data.
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