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PDC Information Privacy Statement

PDC Information Privacy Statement

The information you provide will be treated in accordance with the Swedish Personal Data Act (Personuppgiftslagen, SFS 1998:204). The act is based on Directive 95/46/EC (which was issued by the European Parliament and the European Council on 24 October 1995) regarding the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

Your personal data will be processed by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology to create and administer your account.

The data will then be stored in the KTH user database and in the central database of the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (

The following parties will have access to your personal data:

  • KTH - staff at PDC and KTH University Administration (ICT Services), and
  • Other - administrators at the SNIC Central Database (


Under the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204) anyone who is registered in KTH's user database is entitled to information about their registered data. If you want a copy of the register extract for your data, you need to apply in writing and sign the application personally. The application should be sent to the following address.

Att: Personal data representative
Brinellvägen 8
SE-100 44 Stockholm

You are entitled to request that KTH correct, block or remove your personal data if the data has not yet been processed in accordance with the Personal Data Act. (For further information about this, see To request any such changes, you may contact KTH through PDC using the information found at

You have the right to withdraw your consent to your data being processed by KTH, however be aware that any such withdrawal of consent cannot be backdated.