# Hosts we want to authenticate to with Kerberos Host *.kth.se *.kth.se. # User authentication based on GSSAPI is allowed GSSAPIAuthentication yes # Key exchange based on GSSAPI may be used for server authentication GSSAPIKeyExchange yes # Hosts to which we want to delegate credentials. Try to limit this to # hosts you trust, and were you really have use for forwarded tickets. Host *.csc.kth.se *.csc.kth.se. *.nada.kth.se *.nada.kth.se. *.pdc.kth.se *.pdc.kth.se. # Forward (delegate) credentials (tickets) to the server. GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes # Prefer GSSAPI key exchange PreferredAuthentications gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic # All other hosts Host *