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Tape Storage


The tape storage facilities at PDC are based on an IBM TS3500 Tape Library which currently contains eight IBM LTO Ultrium 5 tape drives, each capable of storing 1.5TB uncompressed data (with 2:1 hardware compression up to 3TB ) per tape at the transfer speed of 140MB/s. The library is composed out of three active frames, one L53 and two S54 Tier5 frames. A single S54 frame can have up till 1320 LTO Ultrium tape cartridges which gives our library a total capacity of 2913 slots. Inside tape library there are 800 LTO4 and 1600 LTO5 cartridges which gives PDC possibility to store 3 PB of uncompressed data.


Archive and backup data for various SNIC projects and resources are stored in the tape library. It's also used for data archiving in the WLCG project as well as HPR project.


  • IBM TS3500 Tape Library
  • 8 IBM LTO Ultrium 5 tape drives
  • 800 LTO4 and 1600 LTO5 cartridges (2913 total capacity)
  • Two Servers Sun Fire X4240 (2CPUs :: 2.3GHz :: 16GB memory :: Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processor 2356 :: 10Gigabit networking card)
  • 2 Cisco MDS 9124 Fibre Channel Switches (24x4Gigabit autosensing Fibre Channel ports)