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New or forgotten passwords

If you have forgotten your PDC Kerberos password there are several options on how to get a new one.


If you have forgotten your Kerberos password you will not be able to acquire a Kerberos ticket. Without a valid Kerberos ticket you will not be able to login at PDC. If you get a message like:

Password incorrect or preauthentication failed

when getting your Kerberos ticket (for instance using kinit) that is an indication that you are typing an incorrect password and need to get a new password set. However, if you get the message:

kinit: krb5_get_init_creds: Client yourUsername@NADA.KTH.SE expired

your Kerberos principal has expired and you only need to ask PDC to renew your principal.

Getting a new password

PDC will never ask you to send us your password!

When contacting PDC regarding forgotten passwords, please supply your PDC username. Also, preferably contact us using the e-mail you specified in your original account application, or, the address set in your .forward at PDC.

Visit Delfi

Bring a valid ID card and visit Delfi during their opening hours to get a new password.

Make an appointment to visit PDC

Contact PDC to make an appointment to visit us. You need to bring a valid ID card or passport at the appointed time.

Get your password sent by paper mail or sms

You can contact PDC and we will send your password to the mail address (paper mail) or mobile phone number stated in your original account application.

Confirm a new address or mobile phone number

If you have changed your address or mobile phone number since your original PDC account request you need to supply us with updated information. In order to confirm the updated you need to you e-mail (or mail us) a scanned copy of your passport.