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Steps needed to log in to PDC resources using Ubuntu (in general the same applies for any Debian based distribution).


In Ubuntu, kinit and ssh are in the packages heimdal-clients and openssh-client. The package heimdal-clients-x contains some extra applications that might come handy in the future. Install these packages with your favorite package manager or by executing:

sudo apt-get install heimdal-clients
sudo apt-get install openssh-client

The openssh-client package are probably already installed in your machine and for centrally managed Ubuntu/Linux computers at KTH, the heimdal-client package is typically installed as well.



To configure Kerberos edit theĀ /etc/krb5.conf file according to these instructions (as root). If it doesn't exist create it as follow:

sudo touch /etc/krb5.conf


OpenSSH can be configured with command line arguments or a configuration file. The options in the configuration file are parsed in order. Create or modify the file ~/.ssh/config according to these instructions (as normal user, not root).

Get tickets and login

Follow the instructions under the heading "Using your Kerberos tickets to login to PDC resources" on this page.

How to transfer files

To transfer files to and from PDC there are several methods available. We recommend using an AFS client or scp.