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Login software with Kerberos

This section explains how to find and install the login software on your local computer that is needed for you to log in to PDC's machines. Instructions are available for Linux/Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems.


PDC uses Kerberos for authentication. This means that logging into PDC is a two stage process

  1. Obtain kerberos credentials on your local machine (requires a password)
  2. Log in to a PDC machine (does not require a password)

Kerberos credentials (or tickets) are stored on your local machine, and are then presented when you try to log in to the remote system.

This means that to log in you need the following software (in versions that are appropriate for the operating system on your local computer):

  • Kerberos v5 software (from Heimdal or MIT) - which is necessary for getting a Kerberos ticket, and
  • SSH software supporting GSSAPI with KeyExchange (from modified OpenSSH).

Instructions for different operating systems

Select the section below that corresponds to the operating system on your local computer. This will give instructions on how to install the necessary software.  If you need further help with this, please contact PDC support straight away.






General notes