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PDC Cray XC30

The compute rack of PDC's supercomputer Milner

Milner is a Cray XC30 system, based on 2.5 GHz Intel Ivy Bridge 10-core processors and Cray’s Aries interconnect. The Cray XC30 system consists of one supercomputing cabinet, one blower cabinet and one storage cabinet. The aggregate peak performance is equal to 48 TF and the aggregate compute memory is equal to 3.75 TB. The system also includes a Lustre file system with a usable capacity of more than 150 TB. This file system will use a NetApp E5500 storage device and will provide a bandwidth of 4 GB/s or higher.

Our Cray system is called Milner after Brenda Milner and her husband Peter.

To get started using Milner, please read the quick start guide.