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Ferlin - a resource for users in the Stockholm region

Ferlin was retired 1st September 2015

Ferlin is a resource for users in the Stockholm region (i.e. KTH,SU,KI). Local users can apply for time on Ferlin using the application form.

Ferlin was recently upgraded to Ekman nodes. It is expected that Ferlin will be available using these replacement nodes until the summer of 2015 or until a replacement is available.

There are some practical effects to this upgrade:

  • The CPUs have changed from Intel Harpertown 2.66GHz CPUs (E5430) to AMD Opteron 2.2 GHz CPUs (2374 HE)
  • The amount of Ram per node has been increased from 8 GB to 16 GB
  • The connection between the nodes is significantly faster with the addition of an infiniband connection

The upgrade has not affected the software environment or queue. For performance reasons it is probably best to recompile with options for the new cpus, but most programs should continue to work.

Nils Ferlin.

Ferlin is named after Swedish 20th Century poet Nils Ferlin and its two login nodes are called and respectively.

The environment is the same as elsewhere at PDC, with Kerberos login, AFS for home directories and EASY as the queuing system. Software packages are accessed using the module system.

Read more about the hardware. There is also a Guide to how to compile and run programs on Ferlin.

Ferlin is a foundation Level System (FLS) i.e. intended for applications that are not dependent on a fast network.

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