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New information, even for old users of Lucidor.

Lucidor at a glance

  • The system contains 106 nodes, each with four Itanium2 (McKinley) 1.3GHz CPUs. 22 nodes have 48 Gb RAM and the rest have 32 Gb RAM. At least 64 nodes available for general (i.e. SNIC) user.
  • The interconnect, Myrinet 2000, now uses MX stack which improves latency.
  • Linux distribution CentOS 5.
  • All MPI applications have to be recompiled to be useable on the new Lucidor.
  • Applications compiled on the old system will probably have to be recompiled to work on new Lucidor.
  • You need to recompile all your MPI programs.
  • You will most likely need to recompile your non-MPI programs as well.