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Description of the hardware in Lucidor.

Lucidor is a distributed memory computer (a cluster) from HP. It consists of 106 HP rx5670 servers each with four 1.3 GHz Itanium 2 "McKinley" processors. 22 of the nodes have 48 GB of main memory and the rest have 32GB.

The interconnect is Myrinet. All nodes have a Myricom M3F-PCIXD-2 card (64-bit wide 133 MHz PCI-X.) All cards are connected to a Myrinet-2000 M3-E128 switch populated with 112 ports. Each card/port has a data rate of 2+2 Gbit/s, all through 50/125 multi-mode fiber.

Machine configuration

Currently all nodes are nicknamed H in the queing system. Values of memory and disk space available on individual node types above are guaranteed space. Some nodes may provide additional memory and/or disk.
of nodes
22 1.3 McKinley n/a 48 76 n/a H
64 1.3 McKinley n/a 32 76 n/a H
 106      n/a  3104   n/a  

In addition to local disk there is plenty of space in the distributed file systems for user home catalogues, source codes, application codes et cetera, as well as a mass storage

system for long-term storage of large data sets.

Some performance and cache size numbers

Node type (nickname) B unit
Processor McKinley  
Processors per node 4  
Memory Bandwidth 6.4 GByte/sec
Local Disk I/O Bandwidth n/a MByte/sec (measured writes)
Network Adapter Peak Bandwidth (unidirectional) n/a MByte/sec
Network Adapter Peak Bandwidth (bidirectional) n/a MByte/sec
Network Latency n/a microseconds (measured)
L1 Inst Cache n/a Kilobytes
L1 Data Cache n/a Kilobytes (bypassed for floating point)
L1 Data Cache Line n/a Bytes
L1 Data Cache Associativity n/a Ways
L2 Cache n/a Kilobytes
L2 Cache Line n/a Bytes
L2 Cache Associativity n/a Ways
L3 Cache n/a Megabytes
L3 Cache Line n/a Bytes
L3 Cache Associativity n/a Ways

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