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IBM Blue Gene/L.
Quick Start Guide
An introduction to using the Blue Gene/L system at PDC.
Usage policy
Usage policy. READ THIS FIRST!
Hardware, Hebb
Description of the hardware in Hebb
Compilers and libraries
Compilers and libraries available on Hebb.
LoadLeveler and mpirun
How to use LoadLeveler and mpirun on Hebb.
Browsing the Documentation
Collection of starting points for browsing documentation
Using the XL Compilers for Blue Gene
Collection of links on using the Blue Gene XL compilers
IBM Redbooks on the Blue Gene
This links takes you to Blue Gene information available through "IBM Redbooks," which is documentation developed and published by the IBM Technical Support with a focus on realistic usage scenarios. It simply invokes a search on the Redbooks site, for the words "Blue Gene". You may find it useful, or necessary, to go directly to the site to search yourself for documentation not found by this pre-formulated search.
Octave on Blue Gene
This describes how to install MPI paralle Octave on Blue Gene/L
Mailing lists
Information about the mailing lists specific to Hebb.
Application Porting and Tuning
A presentation given at the Blue Gene User's Workshop at PDC in August 2007.
Application Porting and Tuning 2
This is an alternative presentation given in Jülich in September 2007.
Hebb Photo Gallery
Some photos of Hebb
LAPACK and CBLAS on Blue Gene
This is a documentation on how we built NetLib CBLAS and LAPACK for BlueGene while still using IBM ESSL where possible. For LAPACK this means using the features provided by CCI.
International Neuroinformatics Coordination Facility.
Allen Brain
The Allen Brain Atlas.