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SeRC:  The Swedish e-Science Research Centre is formed by the universities in Stockholm and Linköping (KTH, KI, SU and LiU) with the two largest high performance computing centres in Sweden (NSC at LiU and PDC at KTH). This project brings together a core of leading Swedish IT research teams and scientists in selected strategic application areas.

PDC houses the SeRC Open Space (or SeRC room) - this is an area for informal interactions between researchers and PDC experts. The impetus behind this came from the original SeRC idea of bringing researchers from various scientfic domains, computer scientists, and high performance computing (HPC) practitioners together to share their expertise and assist and inspire each other's research.

All PDC users are welcome to use the SeRC Open Space: desks are available if you would like to bring your laptop over and work there, or grab a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen and chat about your work with our experts. Just drop in!

For further information about PDC’s activities within SeRC, please contact .