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The goal of NextGRID is to develop an architecture for the Next Generation Grid. This project funded by the European Commission commenced September 1, 2004. The contribution of PDC in NextGRID project has been in investigating trust federation and mapping mechanisms for managing aggregated security and trust relationships in dynamic virtual organizations belong to the next generation of Grids.
Here is a link to the official web site.
NextGrid CookBook
Here is a link to the NextGrid CookBook
Sign-on STS
Sign-on STS is a software component, from the collection of the core security components of the NextGrid architecture, for credential translation and identity mapping. The Sign-on STS is a Web Service that issues security tokens as defined by the WS-Trust specification. This service can be used when a security token is not in a format or syntax understandable by the recipient. The Sign-on STS can exchange the token for another that is comprehensible in recipient domain. For example, if the user holds a Kerberos ticket asserting their identity, but the target service needs an X.509 certificate or a SAML assertion, the Kerberos ticket can be presented to Sign-on STS, which will issue the holder with an equivalent X.509 certificate or SAML assertion asserting the same identity.