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PDC Summer School 2022

Dirk Pleiter, PDC

For the first time since 2019, this year’s PDC Summer School was an in-person event again. With almost fifty participants from fifteen different organisations and seven different countries, attendance has been both high and diverse.

After lectures on parallel algorithms and parallel computer architectures laid a foundation, the main focus of the school was to learn about parallel programming techniques like OpenMP, MPI, GPU programming using CUDA, and Python for high-performance computing (HPC). Furthermore, lectures and practical exercises on software engineering, performance analysis and optimisation were part of the curriculum. For the first time, attendees could use PDC’s new flagship system Dardel for the lab sessions.

Niclas Jansson, who once upon a time attended an earlier PDC Summer School, gave a stimulating talk about the new computational fluid dynamics code, Neko, that he has been instrumental in developing, and also spoke about how the knowledge and skills obtained during the school can be used to design and implement highly scalable applications that also provide high performance.

PDC would like to thank Christof Kessler, Ivy Peng, Joachim Hein and Paolo Bientinesi for their lectures, as well as all the PDC staff who helped to realise the summer school by giving lectures, acting as mentors or assisting in other ways.

Some of the PDC Summer School 2022 participants and lecturers at KTH, Stockholm, August 2022