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SeRC research space

All SeRC researchers, as well as researchers using PDC's systems or services, are welcome to use the SeRC Open Space.
Note: While the COVID-19-related restrictions are in force, please check with PDC Support before visiting the SeRC research space.

SeRC history and purpose

The Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) was founded in 2010 to

  • develop state-of-the-art e-Science tools and
  • provide e-infrastructure support to existing and emerging e-Science communities to achieve scientific breakthroughs in Sweden.

The centre is based on a collaboration between

  • the KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
  • Stockholm University,
  • the Karolinska Institute and
  • Link√∂ping University.

What is the SeRC Open Space at PDC?

The SeRC Open Space (also known as the SeRC room or SeRC research space) is a large open room at PDC where people can do research.

It is intended for informal interactions between researchers and PDC experts so researchers from various scientfic domains, computer scientists, and high performance computing (HPC) practitioners have a place where they can meet to share their expertise and assist and inspire each other's research.

Where is the SeRC Open Space?

The SeRC Open Space is in room 510 on the 5th floor of the PDC building at KTH (Teknikringen 14, Stockholm) - see the information on how to get to PDC .

How to use the SeRC Open Space

Just drop in! There are desks are available in the SeRC Open Space - so if you would like to bring your laptop over and work there, or grab a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen and chat about your work with our experts, you are welcome.

Note that there are also lockers that you can use, for example, if you would like to lock up your laptop and personal belongings while you go out for lunch.