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ExaMPI15 - Exascale MPI 2015

Workshop on Exascale MPI at Supercomputing Conference 2015 - Monday November 16 2015 - Austin, TX, USA

ExaMPI15: Workshop on Exascale MPI 2015


November 16, 2015
Austin, TX
Held in conjunction with SC15 (
Held in cooperation with ACM SIGHPC (

The aim of this workshop is to bring together developers and researchers to present and to discuss innovative algorithms, concepts, implementation and applications of the Message-Passing programming model. With the ExaMPI workshop series, we aim at creating a forum for open and potentially controversial discussions on the future of MPI in the exascale era and on the MPI requirements to support applications at exascale.


8.55  -  9.00   Welcome to the workshop

09.00  -  09.25  Practical Resilient Cases for FA-MPI, A Transactional Fault-Tolerant MPI by Amin Hassani, Anthony Skjellum, Purushotham Bangalore and Ron Brightwell (Regular Paper)

09.25 - 10.00   Pavan Balaji (Key-note talk)

10.00 - 10.30  Coffee Break

10.30 - 11.10  Programming models for Exascale: MPI+OpenMP and beyond by Marc Snir (Key-note talk)

11.20 -  11.45  A Data Streaming Model in MPI by Ivy Bo Peng, Stefano Markidis, Erwin Laure, Daniel Holmes and Mark Bull (Regular Paper)

11.45 -  12.00 Persistent Collective Operations in MPI by Daniel Holmes, Anthony Skjellum, Matthew Shane Farmer and Purushotham Bangalore (Extended Abstract)

12.00  - 12.15  Fault Tolerance Assistant (FTA): An Exception Handling Approach for MPI Programs by Aiman Fang, Ignacio Laguna, Kento Sato, Tanzima Islam and Kathryn Mohror (Extended Abstract)

12.15  - 12.30 Lightweight threading with MPI using Persistent Communications Semantics; Ryan E. Grant, Anthony Skjellum and Purushotham V. Bangalore (Extended Abstract)

12.30 -  2.00 Lunch

2.00 - 2.35  Interconnect Hardware/Software Co-Design for Extreme-Scale Systems by Ron Brightwell (Key-note talk)

2.35 - 3.00  Adaptive Transport Service Selection for MPI with InfiniBand Network by Masamichi Takagi, Norio Yamaguchi, Balazs Gerofi, Atsushi Hori and Yutaka Ishikawa (Regular Paper)

3.00 - 3.30 Coffee Break

3.30 - 3.55   Overtime: A Tool for Analyzing Performance Variation due to Network Interference by Ryan E. Grant, Kevin T. Pedretti and Ann Gentile (Regular Paper)

3.55 - 4.20  Preparing for Exascale: Modeling MPI for Many-Core Systems using Fine-Grain Queues by Patrick Bridges, Matthew Dosanjh, Ryan E. Grant, Shane Farmer, Tony Skjellum and Ron Brightwell (Regular Paper)

4.20 -  4.35  Introducing Endpoints into the EMPI4Re MPI library by Daniel Holmes (Extended Abstract)

4.35  - 4.50   Making the case for data staging coordination and control for parallel applications by Florin Isaila and Jesus Carretero Extended Abstract)

4.50  - 5.05  Characterization of Modern Numascale Cluster System with MPI Benchmarks by Malik M Khan and Anne C. Elster (Extended Abstract)

5.05 - 5.10 Conclusions

Stefano Markidis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Erwin Laure, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
William D. Gropp, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jesper Larsson Träff, Technische Universität Wien
Masamichi Takagi, RIKEN AICS
Roberto Gioiosa, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Mirko Rahn, Fraunhofer Society
Mark Bull, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
Daniel Holmes, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

Stefano Markidis <markidis at>