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Current Master Thesis projects offered at PDC. A sample of some ongoing thesis projects and some past examples.

Suggested Master Thesis Projects


  • MD simulation snapshotSeveral projects focused on the development of tools for scientific simulation applications. We develop an adaptive runtime system for simulation applications that helps to improve load-balancing as one very important factor to reach high computational performance. Other interesting questions beside load-balancing arise for example from the use of GPU devices in hybrid programming models or from new PGAS programming languages. Thesis projects can be established with different alignments like
    • Design and implementation of simulation algorithms
    • Application benchmarking and performance improvement
    • Scheduling algorithms, Performance modeling of cluster systems

Please read the following page for more information or contact Michael Schliephake.

  • Performance modeling
  • High Performance programming languages

If you are interested in a Master thesis project at PDC which is not listed above, please contact us with your suggestion!

External Master Thesis projects:

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Examples of old Master Thesis projects at PDC