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The Totalview Workshop and the Cray Programming Environment Workshop
Totalview workshop
PDC is happy to welcome you to a free of charge workshop dedicated to using the performance and debugging software Totalview. The number of places are limited so do not hesitate to register.
Cray Programming Environment Workshop
PDC and Cray are happy to welcome you to a Cray Programming Environment (PE) Workshop at PDC on October 18-20, 2010. The 3 day workshop is located on site at PDC, and is structured in theoretical and hands-on sessions. Users are encouraged to bring their own codes that may be analyzed during the hands-on session. The number of seats for this workshop is limited to twenty so please do not hesitate to register quickly!
Parallel Computing: Theory - Hardware - Software with special focus on Multi-core Programming
This course will provide students with the basic knowledge to understand and master the challenges of parallel computing. There will be special focus on multi-core architectures and programming. The course will be given each Thursday at 9-12 with start January 14th, 2010. The lectures will be given partly at Stockholm and partly at Uppsala.
Software Development Tools for Scientific Computing (new course number DD3326 in Fall 2011)