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PRACE Petascale Summer School (P2S2)

The PRACE P2S2 will be given August 26-29, 2008, on the KTH main campus in Stockholm, Sweden. It targets students from research groups that have the ambition of becoming users of future Petascale systems in Europe. The prerequisites are familiarity with parallel programming and usage of parallel computers.
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Registration has now been closed. The number of places in the summer school is limited to 31 and the summer school is now full.
Press Release, May 21st
The press release for the PRACE Petascale Summer School
The agenda for PRACE P2S2. Some practical information is also included here.
Course Evaluation
[Closed as of 2008-9-8. Here is archived a PDF of the actual evaluation system. If you have further comments, please mail them to us at the prace-p2s2-info at address.] A place for students to evaluate the course; this feedback is used to improve the course. Note: you don't have to fill it in all at once.
Fees for PRACE-P2S2
What is the cost of attending the PRACE Petascale Summer School?
Lecturers, students and members of the Local Organizing, Program and Admisssion Committees
Practical Details
Where is the course? What language? Whom to contact with questions? etc.
Latest News
Join the PRACE Petascale Summer School mail list to receive e-mail on special announcements related to the summer school. (You are also given a chance to do this on the registration page.)
Course Work
Online versions of the course handouts
Prace is the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe.
PRACE Petascale Winter School
Relations between the PRACE summer school and the PRACE winter school
For Teachers Only
Area for teachers, lab assistants, and other helping with the course. Password required.