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Computational Plasma Physics

Collection of slide presentations and Matlab/Octave codes for EF2200 Plasma Physics class at KTH by Stefano Markidis.

EF2200 - Plasma Physics - Lectures on Computational Plasma Physics

First lecture - Single Particle Motion via Computer Simulation

Second lecture - Electrostatic Waves, Landau Damping, Two Stream Instability and the Particle-in-Cell method.

Home Assignment - Single Particle Motion

2Matlab/Octave Codes

The file .m are set to use Octave. When you use Matlab please comment lsode function and replace with ode23 in main code and comment the function definition and replace with Matlab definition in the function file.

Motion in Constant and Uniform Fields

simulation experiment with given B and E fields:

Grad B drift

simulation experiment with a spatially varying magnetic field

Trajectory in Magnetic DipoleTrajectory of 10 MeV proton

simulation experiment of a particle trajectory in magnetic dipole (with Earth's magnetic dipole parameter)

Trajectory in Magnetic Dipole using the Guiding Center approximation

GC - Trajectory of 10 MeV proton


Particle in Cell code (for second lecture)

  • Landau_pic.m (Octave/Matlab code to simulate Landau damping)
  • pic.m (Octave/Matlab code to simulate 1D electrostatic system. The code is set to simulate the two stream instability)

Dispersion relation solution for two stream instability (for second lecture)

  • dispersion.m (Octave/Matlab code to calculate the most unstable k and growth rate of the instability)


Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Reconnection

slide presentation