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Getting to PDC from Arlanda airport or Stockholm city centre

KTH Campus map


Where is PDC

PDC is close to the centre of Stockholm - it is just three stops away from the main metro station, T-Centralen (which is close to the Stockholm central train station, known as "Stockholm C" or "Stockholms centralstation").

Teknikringen 14, fourth floor
114 28 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 7906000

If you are travelling from Arlanda airport, you can either travel directly to PDC via taxi, or use public transport to get to central Stockholm and then to PDC.

Getting to PDC by taxi

Ask the taxi to take you to "KTH Teknikringen 14". The journey by taxi from Arlanda airport can take 20 minutes (or more, depending on traffic) and, if you search on the internet in advance, it is possible to find fares that are similar to the cost of the Arlanda Express train.

Getting to PDC by public transport

Getting from Arlanda airport to Stockholm C train station

Use one of the following methods:

  1. Arlanda express train from the Arlanda North or Arlanda South stations to Stockholm C
    (journey takes 20 minutes, trains run at least every 30 minutes and every 10 minutes during peak hours),
  2. Airport bus from Arlanda airport to Stockholm C
    (cheaper but slower than the express train - takes 40 minutes, buses run at least every 15 minutes and usually every 10 minutes during the day), or
  3. SL local train (pendeltåg) from Arlanda C train station to Stockholm C
  4. (slightly cheaper than the airport bus - journey takes 40 minutes and trains run every 30 minutes during the day).

Note that the SL train ticket can also be used to get from the Stockholm C train station to PDC. If you travel with the Arlanda express train or the airport bus, you will need another ticket to get from Stockholm C to Tekniska Högskolan, the metro station nearest PDC.

Getting from Stockholm C train station to PDC

  1. From Stockholm C, follow the signs to T-Centralen, the central metro station in Stockholm.
  2. Take a metro (T-bana) Red line train going towards Mörby Centrum or Tekniska Högskolan.
    Get off at the station called Tekniska Högskolan, and go to the exit labelled KTH.
    (The journey takes 7 minutes and the trains run at least every 15 minutes, and every 5 minutes during peak hours.)
    For further information about the metro, see the SL website.
  3. From the KTH exit, walk uphill on Drottning Kristinas Väg about a hundred metres. (See the red line on the map above.)
    When the road bends left (where it meets Lindstedtsvägen), cross over and continue straight ahead on Osquars Backe.
    Keep going up the hill past the glass-fronted library on the left (marked as KTHB on the map above) until you come to a small open area with some trees.
    PDC is in the brick building on the left on the far side of the open area.
    After entering the building, it is a good idea to call the person you are going to meet - there is a courtesy phone in the entrance level.  If you want to use the lift, you need to have the person come down and meet you in the entry level, otherwise, you can take the stairs to the level labelled "Plan 4", where the person will need to meet you to let you in the entrance door for PDC.

Other travel information

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