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Summer student job at PDC - closing 3 June 2014

Would you like to work with the largest high-performance computer in Sweden?

PDC is the leading Swedish supercomputing centre hosted by KTH. It operates state-of-the-art computational and storage resources. Amongst these systems is the CRAY XE6 supercomputer Lindgren - with 36,000 cores, it is one of Europe's most powerful systems with a theoretical peak performance of over 300 TF.

PDC is looking for people to fill the following two vacancies during the summer of 2014 (starting at the beginning of June).

A position in the PDC support group, which includes these work tasks:

  • answering support questions from PDC's users,
  • writing and testing documentation for PDC's resources,
  • studying software performance on PDC resources,
  • helping PDC system staff with everyday work, and
  • monitoring PDC resources.

A position in the PDC research group within the EC-funded EPiGRAM project ( which includues these work tasks:
  • performance profiling and analysis of parallel codes,
  • simulation of parallel applications with LogGOPS simulator, and
  • research on Message Passing and PGAS programming models.

For more information about the position and the application procedure, please see