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Summer student job at PDC - closing 15 April 2013

Would you like to work with the largest high-performance computer in Sweden?

PDC is the leading Swedish supercomputing centre hosted by KTH. It operates state-of-the-art computational and storage resources. Amongst these systems is the CRAY XE6 supercomputer Lindgren - with 36,000 cores, it is one of Europe's most powerful systems with a theoretical peak performance of over 300 TF.

PDC is looking for a student to help out during the summer 2013 (starting at the beginning of June) with several of the following tasks:

  • answering support questions from PDC's users,
  • writing and testing documentation for PDC's resources,
  • studying software performance on PDC resources,
  • helping PDC system staff with everyday work, and
  • monitoring PDC resources.


Undergraduate and postgraduate Science or Engineering students with a documented interest in hardware or software aspects of computing are invited to apply. You need to be able to use Linux-based systems, and communicate in English with ease. (Note that you do not need to be able to speak Swedish.) Experience in parallel computing (for instance, previous attendance at the PDC High Performance Computing Summer School) will be an advantage. It is also important that you can work independently (after being given instructions) and that it is easy for others to work with you. If you are the kind of person who takes the initiative when things need to be done, that will be a definite plus!

Please send your application, including a cover letter and CV, to before the 15th of April. For more information about the position, please contact Gert Svensson, +46-8-790 7884, or Erwin Laure, +46-8-790 6514,