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These are the old out-of-date PDC logos. KTH no longer has individual department logos. The current KTH logo can be found here:
PDC logo (eps) [thumbnail may not display]
The PDC logo in gif image file format. Details (thanks to ImageMagick): * Format: EPT (Encapsulated PostScript with TIFF preview) * Class: DirectClass * Geometry: 525x469+0+0 * Resolution: 72x72 * Print size: 7.29167x6.51389 * Units: Undefined * Type: ColorSeparation * Base type: ColorSeparation * Endianess: Undefined * Colorspace: CMYK * Depth: 16/8-bit * Rendering intent: Undefined * Interlace: None * Background color: white * Border color: cmyk(223,223,223,0) * Matte color: grey74 * Transparent color: black * Compose: Over * Page geometry: 525x469+0+0 * Dispose: Undefined * Iterations: 0 * Compression: Undefined * Orientation: Undefined