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OpenFOAM Training (Foundation level)

Time: Mon 2019-04-08 09.00 - Tue 2019-04-09 16.30

Location: Room 523, PDC, Teknikringen 14 (5th floor), KTH, 114 28 Stockholm

Participating: ESI-OpenCFD


OpenFOAM® Foundation Course

This course introduces the open source CFD toolbox, OpenFOAM. It provides a foundation for all aspects of OpenFOAM, from running cases to programming, so is useful to both new users and existing users wishing to broaden their basic knowledge of OpenFOAM.

For more details about the course and the topics that are covered, see: .


Note that the ESI-group is offering the following discounts:

  • 70% discount to students and employees of KTH, and
  • 20% discount to anyone who registers for one of the OpenFOAM courses at PDC and who mentions that they received information about the training via KTH.


Some additional information about the Stockholm course is available here . To register for the course, submit a booking for the course (or courses) in Stockholm on this page . (Look under "Europe".) You will be taken to the registration page (where you can enter a note requesting a discount if you are eligible for a discount).