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Second PDC-SeRC Seminar: "Feature-based Visualization"

The PDC Centre for High Performance Computing and the Swedish e-Science Research Centre (SeRC) welcome you to the second PDC-SeRC seminar, which will be given by Tino Weinkauf, Professor of Visualization at the Department for High Performance Computing and Visualization (HPCViz) at KTH.

Time: Mon 2017-10-23 12.00 - 13.00

Location: SeRC room, PDC, 5th floor Teknikringen 14, KTH

Lecturer: Tino Weinkauf



Analyzing large and high-dimensional data sets is a challenging task and is ideally carried out using sophisticated tools that make it possible to concentrate on the most relevant information and to automate the analysis. These goals can be achieved using feature-based methods, which foster target-oriented studies of the most important aspects of a data set.

This talk gives an overview of algorithms and mathematical models for analyzing the features of data sets from a variety of different domains such as fluid dynamics, cell biology, and climatology. The basis of our work is discrete Morse theory, as it makes robust, parameter-free, and topologically consistent computations possible. Our goal is to develop solutions to the open problems of discrete Morse theory in order to make discrete approaches applicable for a large number of practical applications.

PDC-SeRC Seminar Series

PDC and SeRC are hosting a new series of seminars about e-Science where SeRC members and other interested researchers and students can meet to exchange ideas and listen to inspiring e-Science presentations by outstanding researchers. The seminars will be around 30 minutes long and followed by time for discussions. A light lunch will be provided.