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Support requests

PDC uses a support request tracking (RT) system to handle all support requests. To get the best possible help from us when asking for support, please read this information!

Contacting PDC support by e-mail

Contact via SUPR support

In case you are a member of a SNIC project you can contact us via the SUPR interface. This method is preferable since then we at the same time get some background data, so it will be easier for us to assist you.

To contact support via SUPR use and login into the SUPR portal

Contact PDC support directly

If you are not a member of a SNIC project you can contact PDC support directly by using this address:


All incoming support mails will be tracked via the (RT) system so we can more efficiently follow up on your request and all of the PDC staff can help you in handling your issue.

Before contacting PDC Support, please check the current system alerts to see if there is a related issue.

General availability
PDC Support will answer your e-mails Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00.

Slower response times over summer
Please be aware that it may take longer for responses from PDC Support from midsummer to the end of August. This is because many staff members take vacation during the summer period so there are fewer people available to handle queries and provide help.

Support closed over Christmas - New Year break
Please note that PDC Support is completely closed during the Christmas - New Year break each year.  The exact dates of the closure are posted on the PDC website each year before Christmas. Normal support services usually resume just after the Epiphany public holiday.

Contacting PDC support by phone

We recommend contacting PDC support via email, rather than phone.

If necessary, PDC support can be contacted on the following number.

+46 (0)8 790 7800          Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00

Information to state when contacting PDC support

When request support from PDC, please give as much relevant detail as possible - for instance:

  • What is your PDC login-name?  (This is very important if you want changes to be made to your account.)
  • What operating system are you accessing PDC from? (Linux? Mac? Windows?)
  • What PDC-resources does your problem concern? A certain cluster? Some software?
  • Were you able to do something on PDC's resouces before that does not work now? If so, when did it work?
  • Which commands did you issue? (A good way to provide the information is to attach the job script to the e-mail.)
  • What was the output from those commands? (You could attach the output and error files of the batch system to your e-mail. Also the output of your code could contain information about the problem in case that you use redirection in your shell commands. Please, shorten files as much as possible to a length that makes it easy to see the problems while keeping messages short.)

Request Tracking

Your support request number

As soon as you send an e-mail to PDC support, you will receive an e-mail reply with a support request number for that particular question. If you look at the e-mail, you will see that the support request number will have been added to the subject heading.

Support request numbers have this format:

[SNIC support #NNNNN]

where the "N"s are replaced by a unique number. This number is used to keep track of any e-mails that you, or we at PDC, write about that particular issue.

PDC has many support requests

At PDC, we use the support request tracking software to answer and organize your e-mail to us, along with everyone else's. This way we do not risk losing any e-mails or forgetting to answer someone. Anyone at PDC can see all the currently open support requests and all the replies to the requests that have been made by PDC staff. Therefore, you only need to send your question or reply to PDC once. If you have received an e-mail with a support request number, you can be sure that your original e-mail reached PDC safely and that we will answer you as quickly as we possibly can!

Responding to existing support request numbers

If you reply to an e-mail from and the subject of that e-mail begins with the text:

[SNIC support #NNNNN]

your response will continue the communication of that support request. In our request ticketing system your answer will be joined with your initial e-mail that opened that support request number. This way the communication will flow easily back and forth between you and us at PDC until your problem has been resolved.

Resolved support requests

In PDC's support tracking system we close your support number once the problem has been solved. If you reply to that support request again it will immediately be re-opened with the entire history of that previous support request in our request tracking system.

Re-opening old support requests

If you in the future choose to contact PDC by simply reply to an old correspondence with PDC, that old topic will be re-opened, with all it's history. That may cause confusion making PDC staff think that you have continuing problems originating from that old support request. This might make the process of solving your current problem slow. But, if your problem actually concerns a previous issue or response that you got from us, you should re-use that request number!